Organic Line

Le Poya Organic
wheel of 5kg

Organic Milk
in 1l bottle

Milco is the francophone pioneer in the market of organic products: since 1988, it has been passionately committed to developing the use of milk originating from organic agriculture.

Today, the consumer requires total transparency regarding the origin and quality of the products that he buys. More and more people are becoming concerned about conditions of production and want to consume products which come from agriculture that is in harmony with nature. They favor breeding that respects farm animals and food that is free from genetic modification and chemical fertilizers.

Our organic milk is produced according to specific processes: separate collection, regular testing of the producers by Bio Suisse, as well as testing of the production through samples taken regularly, differentiated production and storage.

We offer a broad range of organic milk of high quality :

  • Organic Milk
  • Milco Organic Yogurt Plain
  • Organic Butter
  • Le Poya Organic
  • Le Corbier Organic