Our origins


Milco SA was founded on 22 June 1955. Urged forward by a pioneering and industrial spirit, Milco decided to make his idea of producing high-quality powdered milk for the Swiss chocolate industry a reality.

The company acquired rolling dryers and began to commercialize its product, which achieved rapid success.


laiterie de la région Gruyère

The company bought milk from several farmers associations in the region and invested in its first spray dryer. Different varieties of powdered milk were developed for the food industry.

To deal with growing demand, the company successively acquired several production installations for powdered milk and semi-finished products intended mainly for the Swiss food industry (chocolate, cookies, bread, food products…).


Milco launched its activities in fresh milk products and specifically yogurt. Innovative and flourishing, the company employs 70 people. Its yogurts are sold in the principal retail establishments in francophone Switzerland. The company invested in a new manufacturing unit.


The company decided to diversify the activities of milk transformation into the sector of high-quality regional products and niche markets. The growth of the company was marked by different stages. Milco bought yogurt brands Spasseff, had a distribution network in francophone Switzerland and started to work with larger retailers..

The promotion of organic products had taken root but Milco already detected a phenomenon that only needed to be expanded. This avant-gardist position made it the pioneer in organic milk in francophone Switzerland.

Milco chose to further commit itself to the production of high-quality products and implemented its quality management system according to the ISO 9001 norm.

Milco produits régionaux de haute qualité


site de production à Vuisternens-en-Ogoz

Milco decided to concentrate solely on fresh regional products and abandon the production of powdered milk. The company invested in a new production site in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz where they installed state of the art equipment permitting the functional and modern processing of milk, from collection to transformation, involving pasteurization, bottling or transformation into cream and fresh products.


To better meet the expectations of consumers in terms of proximity and regional products, Milco marketed a new line of hard and semi-hard cheeses like Poya and Armailli de Gruyère whose raw material comes from Gruyère, Pays de Fribourg and the Mountain area. In short, this was the return to the sources of the cheese origins.

After the successful launch of its line of cheeses and the growing demand for the products, the company obtained a modern cheese workshop at its site of Vuisternens-en-Ogoz, which also permitted it to develop its fabrication of raclette cheese.

Le Poya et L’Armailli de Gruyère


distinction Saveur de l'Année 2012 décernée au Poya

Milco completed its manufacturing equipment by an extension of its cheese cellars making it possible to ripen its various specialties. It also started to export to Europe where its cheeses met with tremendous success. The distinction of "Saveur de l'Année 2012" was awarded to Le Poya by a Jury of French consumers.

Milco still gives the greatest importance to the quality of its products as well as the satisfaction of its customers. The implementation of certification ISO 22000 certification focused on food safety, is the logical culmination of its passion for quality


Aiming to find synergies and complementary business activities, the company opened up its share capital to the Stucky family.


MILCO marks 60 years in business. The company’s passion for its craft endures

To continue to satisfy the promising expansion of local and regional products, MILCO strengthened its fresh dairy product business by investing in extending its yogurt production site at Vuisternens-in-Ogoz.

Armand Ropraz, le fondateur de Milco


MILCO launch his first cream dessert of chocolate.

crème dessert au chocolat Milco