Le Poya

Wheel of around 6kg

Portion of around 200g

Le Poya, hard-bodied cheese with character, made with milk from Pays de Fribourg.

Le Poya takes its name from the famous ascent to the high mountain pasture at the start of summer. Produced from milk that comes exclusively from Pays de Fribourg, ripened for several months in humid and cool cellars, Le Poya brings together all the qualities, know-how and tradition of a regional cheese with character. Its full-bodied and flavorful taste make it cheese that is highly appreciated among connoisseurs as an aperitif or in the guise of a dessert cheese. It is also quite appropriate for Fondue, alone or mixed with other cheeses.

Le Poya earned the distinction of Saveur del'Année 2012, awarded by French consumers after a widespread taste test operation organized throughout all of France. This test of quality, done each year for the last 15 years, benefits from great popularity outside of the Jura, where more than 80% of the population considers it to be worthy of trust.

Le Poya won Silver in Birmingham!