Armailli de Gruyère

Wheel of around 6kg

Portion around 200g

Fondue 400g

Armailli de Gruyère, the cream of the pastures of Gruyère.

Armailli de Gruyère is an exceptional cheese developed according to an ancestral recipe passed down through four generations and given the flavor du jour by our master cheese-maker. This cream-based cheese, with a semi-hard body, is produced exclusively from milk from la Gruyère, then delicately ripened for four to five months until it has reached perfect maturity. A subtle taste and soft texture, combined with a seductive character, will charm the palate of the consumer and delight the lover of cheeses of exceptional quality and rare origin. But no words could ever describe with adequate detail the flavor of such a jewel. Armailli de Gruyère incarnates our heritage, and heritage is not explained, it is lived.

As such, the intense pleasure derived from its unique aroma represents the best argument to convince one of its unequaled qualities. Its name shows homage to the famous “Master-Herdsmen” who have paced the Pre-Alps of Fribourg since the XVIIth century. Like a veritable cheese-maker entrepreneur, the Master-Herdsmen accompany the herds entrusted to him from May, for the climb to the high mountain pasture (poya), to September, for the descent from the Alps (rindya). Dressed in the traditional attire of the herdsman (bredzon) and donning a skullcap, he transforms the milk from milkings that take place during the day into cheeses, butters, creams… The cheese of the Armailli de Gruyère bears witness to our attachment to the tradition, culture and know-how of this magnificent country of la Gruyère.

Available by the cut or in pre-packaged portions

Fondue of Armailli de Gruyère, the upscale fondue to be enjoyed among friends.

Developed according to an exclusive recipe that gives it exceptional flavor, Fondue of Armailli de Gruyère marvelously symbolizes this regional specialty that is very appreciated. Its simple and fast preparation as well as its creamy consistency make it a pleasure to consume at any time among friends in a warm atmosphere.

Available in packs of 400g